Gas Filter Cell

for best optical measurement of gases

Hermetic gas filter cells are gas-filled cylinders and are used to block out specific frequency bands of interfering gases in optical gas analysis.

Additionally, the cells can be filled with reference gases of certain gas concentrations to be used for calibration of gas analysis systems, e.g. adjusting laser wavelengths to specific gas absorption bands. For a very high long-term stability our gas filter cells are hermetically sealed. The high transmissivity is achieved by soldered CaF₂ windows.

Example application

NDIR gas measurement with gas filter cell for elimination of cross sensitivities and highest selectivity.

Key features

Elimination of cross-sensitivities to interfering gases in optical gas analysis.

Adjustment of measuring instruments and gas analyzers.

Soldered, high-quality CaF₂ window. Leakage tested!

Filling tube enables self-filling with desired gas and sealing.

Broad range of applications from UV to far infrared spectral range.


Main specifications

ParameterGFC-12 / GFC-35 / GFC-100
Length*12 mm / 35 mm / 100 mm
Temperature range-25 … +85 °C
GFC-12: 2x soldered or glued CaF2
GFC-35: 2x soldered or glued CaF2
GFC-100: 2x glued CaF2
MaterialGold plated brass
Transmissivity85% up to 8 μm
* Other lengths on request

Optical specifications


Gas Filter Cell GFC-12 / GFC-35 / GFC-100

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