Learn more about the numerous applications of infrared emitters

The outstanding properties of Infrasolid’s infrared emitters and the high miniaturization potential enable smaller, more powerful, and more efficient material analysis and gas measurement devices for a wide variety of applications. The low energy consumption, the high efficiency and the small size allow its use in portable, battery-powered, and mobile applications. Especially growing environmental, safety, and health awareness as well as increasing automation are creating a growing demand for reliable gas sensors, gas monitors and material analysis devices in industrial and consumer applications.

Gas Analytic

The powerful infrared radiators from INFRASOLID are mainly used in NDIR infrared measuring instruments for measuring gas concentrations. This method uses an infrared light source to irradiate the gas to be measured in a closed room. As a result of the absorption of the infrared radiation by the corresponding gas, the reduction of the infrared radiation can be measured with the use of a detector, from which the gas concentration can then be calculated. In this way, a large number of gases can be detected and the method is used in almost all industries where gases have to be monitored, analyzed and controlled.


Infrared spectroscopy is a typical field of application for our emitters. It is a physical method for the non-destructive determination of mostly organic molecular compounds. NIR spectroscopy, which works in a wavelength range of approx. 800 to 2500 nanometres, is of importance. A suitable sample of a substance is exposed to IR radiation and their absorption behaviour allows conclusions to be drawn about the structure of molecules and allows their qualitative and quantitative determination.

Smart Applications

The technology of INFRASOLID cannot only be used for industrial markets. The enormous miniaturization potential and the possibility of low-cost mass production allow it to be used in completely new applications. The focus here is particularly on the consumer sector. Smartphones-, smarthome- and automotive applications harbor huge untapped potential in the coming years. Whether the analysis of food in the supermarket using a smartphone or the smart monitoring of indoor air in your own home. Due to our miniaturized SMD series emitters, various portable and wireless applications are conceivable in the field of NDIR gas analysis and NIR spectroscopy.


INFARSOLID's infrared light sources are suitable for both high-resolution stationary monitoring devices and miniaturized telemedicine applications.

  • Respiratory gas analysis during medical interventions or for health monitoring
  • Analysis of health-relevant parameters with innovative medical devices that provide the medical doctor with data for the analysis of patient health.
  • Quantification of clinical parameters and disease by analysing body fluids, cells and tissues


Safety and environment are driving factors in a changing world. More stringent controls and the necessary strengthening of legal limits require more precise measuring instruments. Reliable infrared light sources can be used to develop such measuring instruments for the protection of life and nature that meet modern requirements and prevent accidents.

  • Small and portable devices for workers in mining, agriculture and fire fighters
  • Connected sensors for the factory 4.0 to monitor emission
  • Emission control in the traffic sector
  • Process control in biogas or wastewater plants


Infrared technology has been used successfully in industry for decades. The increasing environmental and safety awareness among all people requires the transfer of this technology into products for everyday use - the laboratory in the pocket. People want to know what they consume, whether food, water or air, and how safe they really are. An increasing awareness of personal health promotes the transfer.

  • Smart City - measuring air quality
  • Smart Building - Demand-based and energy-efficient ventilation
  • Smart Home/Room - healthy living conditions
  • Smartphone - safety and health


Many people risk their lives every day in the oil, gas and chemical industries. Their protection with reliable and accurate measuring instruments has the highest priority. INFARSOLID's small infrared light sources enable extremely durable measuring instruments, even under harsh environmental conditions.

  • Miniaturized portable measuring instruments with low battery consumption
  • Connected sensors for monitoring the working conditions
  • Measuring instruments for process control and early detection of defects
  • Analysing the presence of by-products in fuel or oil


The analysis of the smallest substance concentrations requires high-precision measuring instruments. The powerful infrared light sources from INFRASOLID enable very precise measurements to distinguish between individual substances.

  • Laboratories, Wastewater analysis, Research
  • Hyper-spectral imaging for remote identification of chemical materials
  • Soil characterization and measurement of important constituents in agricultural products
  • Quality and ingredients of food products


The global climate is influenced by a variety of industries and factors. A better understanding of our environment can be achieved only by a more detailed knowledge of the influencing factors. IR light sources from INFRASOLID are suitable for high-precision measuring instruments for very small concentrations as well as for miniaturized sensors for area-wide measurement.

  • Packaging and Processing industry
  • Road and freight transport
  • Air conditioning and energy technology
  • Food industry
  • Automobile industry

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