Thermal infrared emitter with Winston cone and CaF₂ window, hermetically sealed


Radiating element area40 mm²
Radiating element emissivity> 0.9
Radiating element temperature630 °C at 2.5 W
Optical output powerup to 725 mW
Max. electrical power (DC)2.5 W
Max. electrical voltage3.8 V
Max. electrical current660 mA
Electrical cold resistance5.5 +/- 1 Ω
Electrical hot resistance5.5 +/- 1 Ω
Modulation frequency4 Hz*
Filter/WindowCaF₂ (soldered)
Wavelength range2 to 11 µm
Filling gasNitrogen
* 50 % modulation depth, square wave signal, 50 % duty cycle


Driver Circuit Board DCB.8.2500

LDO regulatorLT3086
Input voltage (V_in)(4.3 … 6) V
Pulse signal voltage Low/OFF(0 … 1) V
Pulse signal voltage High/ON1.5 V … V_in
Drive power2500 mW

The Driver Circuit Board supports a quick evaluation of our IR emitters. Only a supply voltage and a pulse signal have to be applied to the 3-pin Molex PicoBlade 1.25 mm connector. For more information about its function, see our technical note.

Document downloads

HIS2000R-CWC300 data sheet (PDF)

HIS2000R-CWC300 ZEMAX data (ZAR)

Technical note for Driving Circuit Board for HISpower - emitters (PDF)

HISpower series handling instructions (PDF)

HISpower series product overview (PDF)

Whitepaper The art of fastest precision (PDF)

Whitepaper Use of multi channel detectors and infrared emitters in gas analysis (PDF)

Whitepaper Why Infrasolid thermal IR emitters are the best choice (PDF)

Comparison of HISpower emitters (PDF)

HISpower 系列光源竞品对比 (PDF)

ISO9001 certificate (PDF)

Quality policy of Infrasolid (PDF)

Main features

  • Package: TO-8 with gold plated reflector
  • TO-8 cap with Winston-Cone and soldered CaF₂ window
  • Hermetically sealed: tested to 10-8 mbar*l/s
  • Filling: Nitrogen
  • Radiating element area: 40 mm²

JEDEC compliance

All our emitters comply with the following JEDEC-standards:


(temperature cycling and shock test: -45 °C / + 90 °C, 100 cycles)


(vibration test: log. sweep 20 Hz…2000 Hz, peak 20 g, X/Y/Z direction)


(drop test: 5000 m/s², 6 directions)

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HISpower series

High-power infrared sources in TO-8 housing

HISpower series emitters have an integrated gold plated reflector that directs the radiation emitted from the rear to the front through the housing window in order to achieve maximum efficiency. All our emitters offer minimum drift at a constant electrical resistance. Infrasolids IR emitters are characterized by a very low temperature coefficient of electrical resistance. Therefore the hot resistance and the cold resistance are almost identical which eases the electrical control of the IR sources. Infrasolid’s advanced packaging technology allows soldered sapphire, CaF₂ and BaF₂ windows for use in a wide temperature range of -25 °C up to +85 °C.

Infrasolid’s infrared radiation sources are pulsable thermal emitters with a near black-body emittance. Based on a patented nanotechnology and a patented emitter set-up made of a high-melting metal, the free-standing monolithic radiating element and the nanostructured emitter surface offer numerous advantages in many applications.

Are you looking for other technical specifications or would you like a customized solution? Feel free to contact us!

HISpower series overview

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