Thermal infrared emitter in standard 3x3 mm² SMD, gold plated


Radiating element area1 mm²
Radiating element emissivity> 0.9
Radiating element temperature600 °C at 290 mW
Optical output powerup to 22 mW
Max. electrical power (DC)290 mW
Max. electrical voltage1.7 V
Max. electrical current170 mA
Electrical resistance9...10 Ω
Modulation frequency10 Hz*
Filter/WindowSapphire (glued)
Wavelength range2 to 6 µm**
Filling gasNone
* 50 % modulation depth, square wave signal, 50 % duty cycle
** caused by filter transmissivity

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HIS100smd-A Data Sheet (PDF)

HISsmd series Technical Notes (PDF)

HISsmd series Product Overview (PDF)

Main Features

  • Package: SMD3 with sapphire window 2-6 µm
  • Emitter area: (1 x 1) mm²

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Pulsable thermal black-body infrared source mounted in a SMD package with a size of 3x3 mm².

Patented nanostructured radiating element achieves up to 500% more detection signal!

Innovative surface technology for customized SMD products.

Wide wavelength range enables applications in mobile, portable devices and various wearables, for miniaturized gas measurement sensors and hand-held spectrometers.

HISsmd series

Miniaturized infrared sources in SMD housing

HISsmd series emitters are small, powerful infrared radiation sources that meet the demands for reliable miniaturized gas sensors and offer a wide range of new application scenarios. The low energy consumption, the high efficiency and the small size allow the use in portable, battery-powered, and mobile applications. These innovative infrared light sources are used, for instance, in respiratory gas analysis, e.g. for the detection of CO₂ and breath alcohol, and in Smart Home and Smartphone applications. The pioneering SMD package enables a fully automated production in high-volume markets.

Infrasolid’s infrared radiation sources are pulsable thermal emitters with a near black-body emittance. Based on a patented nanotechnology and a patented emitter set-up made of a high-melting metal, the free-standing monolithic radiating element and the nanostructured emitter surface offer numerous advantages in many applications.

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HISsmd series overview

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