for easy evaluation and optimal implementation

We offer an extensive range of Breakout Boards (BOB) and Driver Circuit Boards (DCB) to support your evaluation and implementation of our thermal infrared emitters in your applications. If you need other technical specifications and you are interested in an individual driver electronics, feel free to contact us. We kindly support your evaluation and product development!
For an easy electrical contacting of our SMD emitters we provide a Breakout Board that transfers the SMD footprint to 2.54 mm headers. In addition, we provide several Driver Circuit Boards for our HISsmd, HISbasic and HISpower series emitters to support a quick evaluation in your applications. All DCB are small and use a low-cost driving circuit with a maximum stability close to a power regulated mode. Only a supply voltage and a pulse signal have to be applied. For more information about its function, see our technical notes.


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Are you looking for other technical specifications or would you like a customized solution? Feel free to contact us!

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