Black coating service

High temperature resistant and extremely thin black coatings

Infrasolid’s unique black coating technology allows the fabrication of extremely thin and very heat-resistant black optical coatings. There is an easy adaptation to customer-specific requirements possible. If you are interested in an individual development, feel free to contact us. We kindly support your evaluation and product development!
Our unique black optical coatings are already used in thermal infrared light sources, optical detector technologies, and stray light absorption in optical measurement systems. They are characterized by an extremely low thickness and therefore have a very low thermal mass. The broad spectral range of high absorption extends from UV up to far infrared wavelengths. A structuring of our black coatings can be done by photolithography to realize very small structures or local areas of blackening. The deposition is done on flat substrates. Temperature-sensitive materials, such as plastics, can be coated using our low temperature coating process.

Key features

High temperature resistant black coatings

Broad spectral range from ultraviolet to far infrared wavelengths

Extremely thin and low thermal mass black coatings

Structuring capability by means of photolithography

Low temperature coating process allows coating of temperature-sensitive materials, like plastics

Existing applications in thermal infrared emitters and infrared detectors

Are you looking for other technical specifications or would you like a customized solution? Feel free to contact us!

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