Customized thermal infrared emitters

Highly flexible and scalable infrared emitter technology

Infrasolid’s unique and highly scalable IR emitter technology allows an easy adaptation to customer-specific requirements and new fields of application, in order to manufacture customized products not only in high-quality small batches but also fully automatically in high-volume for mass market applications.

Infrared emitters developed by Infrasolid are pulsable thermal radiation sources with a broadband and near black-body emission of infrared radiation. They are characterized by their high performance, long-term stability and reliability under various operating conditions and are used in measuring devices for different fields of application, e.g. in emission monitoring, process control, automation technology, safety engineering as well as in test and measurement or in medical technology. The unique and patented manufacturing process allows the flexible production of different emitter area geometries and, therefore, an easy adaptation to customer-specific applications. As housing different TO and SMD standard industry packages are available. Assembly into a customer-specific housing and integration of an optical reflector or a lens into the housing are also possible. Infrasolid's hermetic housing technology SOLIDSEAL® enables the soldering of CaF2, BaF2 and sapphire windows to different TO housings. For cost-sensitive applications glued windows are also available.

Key features

Customized IR emitter filament in an industry standard TO or SMD package manufactured within only 4 weeks!

Highest miniaturization potential due to the patented free-standing emitter set-up and the customizable filament layout.

Adaptation of the electrical characteristics to the needs of the customer and to the application.

Customized IR emitter in high-quality small series and/or high-volume series.

Development of customized driver electronics.

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