HISsmd series

Miniaturized infrared sources in SMD housing

HISsmd series emitters are small, powerful infrared radiation sources that meet the demands for reliable miniaturized gas sensors and offer a wide range of new application scenarios. The low energy consumption, the high efficiency and the small size allow the use in portable, battery-powered, and mobile applications. These innovative infrared light sources are used, for instance, in respiratory gas analysis, e.g. for the detection of CO₂ and breath alcohol, and in Smart Home and Smartphone applications. The pioneering SMD package enables a fully automated production in high-volume markets.

Infrasolid’s infrared radiation sources are pulsable thermal emitters with a near black-body emittance. Based on a patented nanotechnology and a patented emitter set-up made of a high-melting metal, the free-standing monolithic radiating element and the nanostructured emitter surface offer numerous advantages in many applications.

Key features

Wide wavelength range from 2 µm up to 20 µm enables a broad range of applications

Pulsable thermal black-body infrared source in an industry standard SMD package

Patented nanostructured radiating element generates black-body spectrum with up to 1000% more detection signal compared to MEMS emitters

Ideal for portable and battery powered devices

SMD package enables low-cost mass assembly on PCB with pick-and-place machines


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